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Designing a fresh simple website is no easy task. There are a lot of factors to take into account. Images need to be high quality and clean, must be user-friendly, design of the menu needs to be clean, the logo needs to stand out, must be rich in content and we must not forget speed.The website needs to load fast. All websites must be responsive. We spend much more time on mobile devices than computers these days. At Ai Web Solutions we start to design for mobile devices first then move on to desktop screens. Colours are also important. Did you know each colour represents a different industry or character? Here are some of the colours and their meanings.

Green: Represents wealth, health, tranquillity and nature. The easiest colour for the eye to process, so it has relaxing effects. Some of the companies that use green are BP, Whole Foods, Animal Planet and Tropicana.

Yellow: Represents youthfulness, optimism and cheerfulness. Often used to grab attention. Yellow can put strain on the eyes, so you want to use it sparingly. Companies that use yellow are McDonalds, Hertz, National Geographics and Best Buy.

Orange: Represents friendliness, enthusiasm and creativity. Promotes people to take action like BUY and Subscribe. Orange also attracts impulse shoppers. Some of the companies are Amazon, Payless, Harley Davidson and Crush Orange.

Red: Represents passion, energy, urgency, excitement, vibrancy and danger. Often used to create urgency for people to buy or take action. Effective in triggering strong emotional reactions. Restaurants use it to stimulate the appetite. Companies use red are Kmart, H&M, Coca-Cola and Heinz.

Pink: Represents feminine, sweetness, innocence, fertility and romance. Often used to market services and products to women and young girls. Companies that use pink are PINK, Barbie and T Mobile

Purple: Represents royalty, wealth, success and wisdom. Often used in beauty or anti-ageing products. Purple has a shooting and calming effect on people. Companies that use purple are Crown Royal, Qatar and Cadbury.

Blue: Represents trust, security, stability, peace and calmness. Often used in businesses and banks to create a sense of security and trust in the brand. Blue is the number one preferred colour by both men and women. Companies like Oral-B, American Express and Dell use the colour blue.

Grey: Represents neutral, simplicity, calm, futuristic and logic. It lacks emotion and is associated with technology, industry, precision, control, competence and even sophistication. Companies that use grey include Apple, Mercedes and Tesla.

Black: Represents power, luxury, sophistication and elegance. Often used to market luxury brands to evoke professionalism, strength and precision. Companies that use black are Rolls Roys, Chanel and Loreal Paris.

You can use colours to guide your visitors to the direction you want by making certain text or buttons more visible. Every designer will have their own style so there is no correct way of stating but if you are a newbie there are few methods that you can use.

- Method 1- Start with an image. You can get inspired by an image, also use the colour scheme from the image.

- Method 2 - Start with the business goal. Choose the colour that will attract the type of customer you want then build everything with this colour.

- Method 3 - Start with a blank page. You will need to build a colour plate. A colour plate usually has 3 colours and a good rule of thumb is to use 60%, 30% and 10%. Primary colour being 60% then secondary colour 30% and the third colour which is used for complementing your primary and secondary should be 10%.

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