Advantages Of Custom Web Applications

Custom app development wins the battle with ready made solutions for a simple reason, when you create a custom app, you become its owner. Off the shelf solution never gives you all reins and the same level of control as the custom software does. The bespoke app is capable of evolving alongside your business and can scale accordingly to the growing business requirements. Purchasing a custom app means that a business is investing in itself. The obvious benefits businesses get from creating custom application includes scalability, easy deployment and increased productivity. There are no doubts, the future of mobile dev belongs to the custom apps. 2019 is anticipated to be the year when adoption of mobile apps will grow to meet the specific business requirements, as research from IDC analysts says. Sometimes we can spend so much time finding a workaround for a problem while using off the shelf applications, it would have been more cost effective and quicker to have had a custom software built on the long run. Also with off the shelf applications it could be more costly or in some cases not possible to have a new and very specific feature to be added on. Few examples where we were able to find solutions here at Ai Web Solutions ltd;

Set a schedule to export data from the in-house software as a CSV and upload it to the website updating products, prices and descriptions a few times a day. Restrict user registrations and deliveries for customers that were not on the postcode list. Created banners and when clicked on, it will return all the products related to the banner or the offers. Also created an easy access admin page where staff can make changes to the banners as an when needed. Limit certain product quantity when ordering.

Pre-created passwords to all existing customers than diverted everyone to change password page at their first login. The list goes on. There is hardly anything that cannot be achieved with a custom web application.

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